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Body Wraps

All wraps are 60 min ~ $ 95
(these are the lowest price wraps in Ottawa!)

Enhance your figure!
Tighten and tone your body using all-natural mineral body wraps. Diminish the appearance of cellulite! Detoxify. A body wrap is an ideal way to loose some inches prior to a big event. You’ll see the difference on your very first visit. We offer the best and most affordable body wraps in Ottawa.

It begins with a full body brushing to remove dead skin and stimulate circulation, followed by a rich full body wrap. Relax in a cocoon of warmth of our therapeutic Far Infared Heat sauna blanket. This heat penetrates 2-3 inches deep within a few minutes. End with a shower and application of a moisturizing cream.

After: To increase the effectiveness of your Wrap, you should drink at least 8 to 12 glasses of water in the 24 hours following your treatment.


Seaweed Algae

Slimming and decongestant seaweed algae wrap restores skin tone and elasticity. Re-mineralize, tone and firm your skin with algae rich in vitamins and minerals. Enjoy the healing properties of the sea while releasing stress.


Chocolate with Cocoa, Soy & White Clay
A totally unique experience for those who wish to detoxify and balance excess body fluids while enjoying the divine aromas of being wrapped in silky smooth chocolate. Totally non-fattening! Chocolate Fondue helps smooth, firm and contour problem areas of the body. The combined effects of cocoa, soy and white clay provide nutriments that are nourishing while bringing softness to the skin, this causing an energizing impression, detoxifying and revitalizing.

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(New) Provence Green Clay

A powerful renewing and remineralizing agent. Soothing, purifying and healing, it is naturally rich in oligo-elements and minerals such as iron, aluminium, magnesium, manganese, calcium… Green clay is used in facial masks and for poultices, due to its beneficial action on the skin and body.


Dead Sea Black Mud

Cocooned in a warm blanket to help the ingredients penetrate your skin, you relax for as the mud draws out impurities. You'll feel energized from head to toe. Re-vitalizing the body and skin with its natural mineral distribution. Improves muscle tone, stimulates proper blood circulation and enhances skin tone.

Please read about the contraindications for wraps here

Combine Wraps with

Our new body sculpting and firming technology from Europe can also further reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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