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Kitras Art Glass
at The European

Kitras has been creating ornaments since 1988. Their ornaments come in a wide selection of shapes, sizes and colors. All have a special story or meaning, which is written on a tag that accompanies each ball. Made in Ontario. The European is proud to represent Kitras in downtown Ottawa.
A beautiful gift!



Kitras Art Glass - Hand Blown Glass Hanging Ornament - FAIRY ORB - 6" - Many different colours








Kitras Art Glass - Hand Blown Glass Hanging Ornament -
VAN GLOW~ -Art Glass-5"














TREE OF ENCHANTMENT GLASS ORBS Enjoy all the seasons year round with the unique Tree of Enchantment decorative orbs from Canadian artist Stephen Kitras. The gorgeous hand blown glass orb features an interior glass "trunk," which branches to support the translucent colors of the tree's leaves. Choose between Spring's fresh greens, the vibrant shades of Summer, the crisp oranges of Autumn and Winter's cool blues, or hang all four orbs in a sunny window for a dazzling display of the seasons' cycle of life. Handmade in Ontario. $42





Stephean Kitras at work.