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Fast Slimming Treatments

These treatments are applied to specific areas like the buttocks, abdomen or thighs.

Anti- Cellulite Treatment $80

60 minutes

Belnatur has created one of the most avant-garde figure modeling lines on the market: GLUCO-CELL. GLUCO-CELL, a last generation concept, that takes into account the effects of excess glucose on the collagen fibers and the influence of the alpha-receptors of the adipocytes on the accumulation of fat, and manages to act on all levels of cellulite formation.


    - get rid of the “ orange peel” appearance

    - reduce volume


    - Stimulates the elimination of fat held inside the adipocytes

    - Promotes micro-circulation to improve the oxygenation and nourishment of the affected tissues.

    - Helps to restructure damaged conjunctive tissue ( elastin and collagen fibers)

    - Returns elasticity and firmness to the skin.


Intensive action - Three times a week in the first month Once a week in the second month.

Preventive action – Once a month, for a minimum of five consecutive months

5 Treatments package = $ 350

15 Treatments package = $ 1,000


Body Firming Treatment $ 80

1 hour

With time, all skin suffers structural changes that cause it to lose tone and firmness. On the surface, the hydrolipidic film deteriorates and becomes thinner, while the corneous layer increases in thickness. The epidermis becomes dehydrated and cell renewal slows down. In the dermis, the number and the quality of the support fibers (collagen and elastin) is modified and the number of fibroblasts that produce them decreases.

These changes cause the deterioration of the skin’s functional qualities and a loss of firmness.

BELNATUR’s skin firming line:

    - Restructures the hydrolipidic film

    - Improves skin surface appearance

    - Hydrates the epidermis

    - Increases cell renewal

    - Strengthens the skin’s support fibers.


Preventive action – Once a month, for a minimum of four consecutive months

4 Treatments package = $ 280 + tax

Intensive action: Twice times a week in the first month

Once a week in the second month

12 Treatments package = $ 820 + tax

To obtain the maximum benefits for these treatments:

    • Don’t eat heavy (solid) food 3-4 hours before

    • Drink minimum of 2.5 liter plain water daily. The quantity of water is necessary in order to help to the body to burn the extra fat.

    • Don’t drink alcohol or soda drinks.

Please read about the contraindications for here