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European Facials


Dr Nobis Germany

These natural bio cosmetics use stabilized Royal Jelly


Biosbee anti-aging facial $110

BIOSBEE presents a beauty care line with all active substances which the bee can produce and it is an innovative anti-ageing care line for high demands on the skin and for dehydrated, demineralised and mature tissue. The incomparable qualities of the organic complex Royal Jelly, pollen, propolis, beeswax and honey regenerate the skin optimally and the physiological balance of the tissue is established again.
75 minutes


Acne Facial $ 65

The REVITA ACNEX LINE is a special treatment for problem skin and acne, a complex of natural acids, Royal Jelly, soya - and lavender oil and fenugreek. The bio-active substances used in the ACNEX LINE support and regulate the physiological function of web tissue.

A treatment for those who suffer with troubled skin; particularly effective on teenage and adult acne. Great results will be obtained if you follow the frequency recommended.
60 minutes


Revita Cinara Detox Facial $ 100

This facial is for oily, comedogenic, asphyxiated and large – pored skin of any age. Can be used as an advanced acne treatment. The natural artichoke extract, sage extract, basil oil and algae extract combine to normalize the sebaceous and fat production, shrink pores and strengthen the skins ability to retain moisture. Your complexion appears fresher, smoother and tighter with a healthier colour.
75 minutes


Revita Azulen facial $100

The two effective factors - Rutin and Azulen - which play such an important part in the treatment of rosaccea and sensitive skin, are combined in our range of special preparations.

Rutin: "vitamin P - permeability vitamin" is very effective in the cosmetic - treatment of various forms of rosaccea. It is a very effective biological active substance to seal those weakened dilated capilaries. The genuine natural Azulen, extracted from roman camomile, is an exceptional substance. Because of its general healing and inflammation controlling qualities it is widely used in beauty therapy and especially suitable for the care of super sensitive skin. Avocado oil, lavender oil, witch hazel and horse chestnuts extract regenerate the skin in a special way.
75 minutes







Eye Active Contour $40
(add to your facial $25)

Sothys anti-wrinkle, anti-circles, anti-bags smoothing, and decongestive treatment.
30 minutes


Blanc Perfect - Professional Skin Peeling $50

The Sothys Professional Peel is a unique treatment that combines salicylic acid (derived from wintergreen, and sweet birch) and glycolic acid (cane sugar) to uncover the natural beauty of your skin and improve the health of the skin. (more...)
30 minutes


Men’s Classic Facial $85
A complete fitness facial especially designed for men's skin, using specific ingredients to prevent razor burn, sensitivity and ingrown hair.
60 minutes

[C] Collagène Hyaluronique ™ $ 110
Wrinkles are filled, lines diminished, firmness and density of the skin is increased, and the facial contour is remodeled – completely reconstructing the skin’s structure.
75 minutes




ATACHE Scientific Cosmetic is the Pioneer in the use of Vitamin C in Europe, ATACHE laboratories guarantee with the C VITAL range the most effective and pure Vitamin C used for its stabilizing actions along with antioxidants and vitamins (Vitamin E, Lipoid Acid, Orange Extract) to prevent and repair, in a natural and direct way, the visible signs of skin ageing. 75 minutes