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Our policies

Appointments and Cancellations

We encourage you to schedule your visit in advance to ensure that you get the time and day that you desire.


Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is strictly enforced so please make sure you call or email us in time. In order for us to provide all our clients with the highest-quality service, we ask that you provide a minimum of 24 hours notice if you are unable to keep an appointment.

Groups of 2 or more people require 48 hours cancellation notice. Failure to do so will result in a 100% late cancellation charge or no-show appointment (or the equivalent deduction from gift certificates).

Clients that arrive for their service(s) late will be accommodated as best as possible; however, your service may be altered due to starting the service late.

The European Boutique Spa reserves the right to charge 100% of the service price when accommodating late clients.

The reservation of an appointment indicates that The European Boutique Spa has reserved the service time for you and therefore has had to decline other customer offers for that particular service time at the spa.

IPL Specials : A $35 flat rate is applied for cancellations in less
than 24 hour notice. Upon payment, the special offer continues.


We realize that sometimes a sudden illness can prevent you from giving 24 hours cancellation notice (48 hours for groups). In this instance you will be charged only 50% of your total service (equivalent deduction from a gift certificate). This money is used to compensate your therapist / technician for her time.

Booking Appointments by phone

When booking by phone you will be asked to provide a valid credit card number to hold your reservation if more than one hour service or packages. Please note that no charges will be made to your credit card until your service is completed. Upon completion you'll be able to pay for your services with your choice of Visa, MasterCard, debit or cash. We do no accept American Express. If you don't have a credit card, you can pre-pay for your services in cash (24 hours in advance) to hold your reservation.



The rules for clients who purchase the special are based on the practice of group purchases (i.e. Groupon etc.) where a discount is given with the understanding that the service is received by the client in a short period of time. For IPL hair removal, that means the 1st treatment must occur before the expiry date of the sale. As well, there is an expectation clients will honour the treatment interval schedule (roughly once a month) and complete their treatments in a 12 month period.

The deal has two separate values:

a. the amount paid and,

b. the promotional value *. The promotional value is the additional value beyond the amount paid.

* The promotional value will EXPIRE on the date specified in the special offer. You must redeem the special before this expiry date. For IPL treatments lasting 6-8 montys, you must start the first treatment area before the expiry date. The amount paid will never expire and must continue to be honored by the merchant after the promotional value expires. The amount paid may be applied toward any goods or services offered in our spa if the promotion is no longer available. Promotional value can’t be combined with other offers. Doesn’t cover tax or gratuity, is not refundable and is non transferable.

Please read our Cancellation policies above


Gift Certificate

Please present your gift certificate prior to the service.

The European Gift Certificates which you can buy online here may be applied to any spa services or products.

Way Spa Gift Certificates are for esthetic spa services only. We are sorry, but Way Spa Gift Certificates cannot be used with our Spa Packages, IPL, RMT, Permanent Make-up or products. 

All gift certificates: If you receive any gift certificate for a service that you don't want, you may use the dollar value of that card towards another service that you would like, however, gift certificatess cannot be redeemed for cash. Remainders on gift certificates can be applied to future visits. While gift certificates have no expiry date in Ontario, prices may increase from time to time, so your recipient will have to pay the additional amount at the time of their service.

No gift certificates include tips or gratuities and cannot be used for this purpose. We thank you for leaving a cash gratuity.

HST: Gift certificates with specific services bought before July 2010 will have pay the 8% difference (i.e. the additional tax) to at the completion of service appointments.

We know all these gift certificate details can be confusing. We want your visit to the European to be a smooth one from the moment you walk through the door to your blissful exit. This is why it is best to present the certificate at the start so that we can answer any questions you may have about redeeming certificates for our services.

Cell and Wireless Devices

Please mute cell phones and pagers during your appointment time. Inappropriate BehaviorIf any behaviour is considered inappropriate the session will be terminated immediately and payment must be made in full. We reserve the right to end the session if we feel a client's behaviour or conduct is inappropriate. We also reserve the right to terminate a session for medical reasons, including discovering that the client has taken drugs, chemicals or medications that are contraindications to massage therapy. Insurance Receipts Receipts for registered massage treatments can be issued following your treatment. Please indicate to front desk before the commencement of your massage if you require a receipt for insurance purposes. Please note that for massages paid by a third party, such as a gift certificate, receipts can only be issued in the name of the person who paid for the treatment as per the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. Please refer to the CMTO website

In order to get reimbursed for your treatments, some insurance companies require a prescription from your physician. Before making an appointment, we suggest you contact your insurance company with your policy number and ask if it is required.

Length of Sessions (Massage ) Our policy is to give the scheduled amount of time requested. This means that a 60-minute session would be 60 minutes of treatment time. This includes assessment, treatment, discussion, home care/remedial exercise demonstration and follow-up treatment plan.

Payment Options All fees must be paid on the day of treatment. We accept cash, check, Interac, Visa, and Mastercard. All fees are in Canadian dollars and HST is added to the prices.
Referral Program
If you have friends, family members or co-workers who are looking for a dedicated massage therapist or skin care professional, they will receive the same quality care that you have come to expect. Thank you for your referrals!


No refund on product purchases or services offered. Exchange or credit only within 30 days of receipt. No returns on gift certificates, spa packages, spa parties, treatment series. Gift certificates/packages are transferable, but not refundable.


No refund on deposits. Deposits are made to secure the service for a certain date or most often, for a discounted price. Deposits cannot be re-imbursed if you decide not to have the service.

Arriving Late

If you are late for a scheduled session, we may not be able to provide you with the full length of your session. Our sessions are set to start and end on time to allow our clients and staff to plan accordingly. We ask that you arrive early to ensure that you receive the optimal benefits of your entire treatment time. We do our best to be ready for our clients when they arrive, but at times a session may be unexpectedly extended. In that rare case, you WILL receive the full length of your session.

What we believe at The European

When you are a client at the European Boutique Spa you can expect:

• that any information gathered during discussion or treatment, either personal or medical, will be held in confidence unless your written consent has been obtained or as required by law. Any violation of this confidentiality is professional misconduct under the Professional Misconduct Act

• that you will be as fully involved as possible in the planning and implementation of your own skin and body care treatment

• that you will be treated with respect and sincerity

• that we will always act in your best interest as defined by your wishes and by the Standards of Practice of our professions

• that you will be appropriately referred to other health care providers as necessary

• that you will be encouraged to ask questions about your treatment and health at any time during your health care

• that we will treat you honestly and only with the services that we are qualified to give

• that you will be re-assessed periodically and that you will be monitored for any progression in your health state

• that you will be asked only that information which is relevant to the provision of your care

• that you will be provided with information about possible treatments, courses of action, expected results, risks and benefits of being treated or not being treated

• that we will be committed to being proactive in our professional development

• that 100% of our attention, knowledge and dedication will be directed towards you and your care during the time you are being treated

• that the treatment time be respected and that clients be treated during the time that was reserved for them

• that you will be treated with respect and dignity regardless of age, gender, culture, sexual identity/orientation, creed, ability and/or health status

• that the client/health care professional relationship will remain strictly professional.

Specifically for Massage Therapy treatments:

• that we will obtain consent before proceeding with any assessment and/or treatment in the aims of providing you with;
information about rationale, risks and benefits and prognosis of treatment

• information about positioning, draping, pillowing, pain scales, pressure and massage techniques

• the choice to accept, augment, modify, refuse or terminate treatment

• the chance to ask any questions

• that a portion of a treatment always consists of an assessment

• that modalities or techniques used for treatment can include: Hydrotherapy, Rhythmic Joint Mobilizations, Breathing Exercises, Remedial Exercises, Trigger Point Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Therapy and Hot Stone Massage.